Why Others Choose DAB+

DAB is now used by broadcasters in 41 countries and growing. There are many reasons why they and listeners across Europe have taken to digital radio.

In Germany and France broadcasters are using DAB as an opportunity to expand their brands nationally. In Norway, it was an opportunity for the national broadcaster NRK to dramatically cut transmission costs. There, several national stations using 1,200 FM transmitters each, were replaced by a single network of 800 transmitters carrying all stations on one signal. In Australia, broadcasters adopted DAB in a defensive move to lock-out new entrants to the market.

Listeners unilaterally welcome the increased choice of radio stations that are relevant to their location and interests.  With this increased choice they listen for longer. Markets where DAB has been introduced, have seen a slide in overall radio listenership stop or even reverse.

In Ireland FM spectrum is sparse, so many key groups have expressed interest in opportunities offered by DAB.

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