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AAC+ (HE-AAC Version 2)
An acronym for Advanced Audio Coding which is used to broadcast the DAB+ standard.

BWS (Broadcast Web Site)
Broadcasts html files and associated images to supporting receivers with a built-in browser to create a “walled garden” web type experience. If the supporting receiver also has internet access the page can access links on the world wide web.

An acronym for Digital Audio Broadcasting which is based on Eureka 147 standards. It uses MPEG Layer II for encode audio for broadcast.

Also an acronym for Digital Audio Broadcasting. The additional plus sign indicates audio is encoded for broadcast using the more modern and efficient AAC+ standard. This allows for more than twice as many audio services to use the same DAB transmitter.

DLS (Dynamic Label Segment)
All DAB and DAB+ radios come with a display. DLS is the most basic use of this display where up to 128 characters can be shown as simple scrolling text. This is similar to RDS on FM radios and is generally used to show track now playing information, advertiser phone numbers or website addresses.

A new more advanced version of DLS which carries more information and the listener chooses which information to view.

EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
Similar to the EPG on your Sky or UPC box this displays a stations schedule of programmes. It can be used to provide more detail on upcoming programmes and some receivers and even use it to schedule recordings of radio shows.

Delivery of “podcast” type audio files, broadcast across a DAB transmitter, then received and saved to a DAB radio.

A more established text service similar to DL+ and allows control functions to sort, store and retrieve text information.

MUX (Multiplex)
A multiplex is a central hub which takes audio from several sources/stations and combines them into one signal which is then broadcast by the transmitter.

PAD (Programme Associated Data)
Used to describe data embedded into an audio stream such as DLS or Slideshow which is related to the programme being broadcast at that time.

Service Following
A feature in DAB/DAB+ car radios which allows the receiver to automatically retune the same radio station on FM or DAB depending on which has the better signal.

This is the broadcast of jpg images for display on supporting receivers. A typical slide/jpg would be 320 x 240 pixels in size. This would take approximately 10 seconds to broadcast alongside the audio stream. By pre-broadcasting pictures by a few seconds Slideshow can synchronise precisely with the audio being broadcast.

Slides are typically album covers for a song playing, advertiser logo or product shots, studio webcams, news/weather updates or the ever popular (?) dj headshot!