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Q4 2014 Report

Jan 5, 2015   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  4 Comments

At the end of each quarter you can get an update with the latest developments and achievements of the dB Digital Broadcasting DAB trial. To automatically receive updates by email or RSS feed see our Join In page.

Since summer, the extension of our DAB trial to Cork City has gone extremely well.  It’s received a very favourable response and each of our participating stations has reported an uptake in listener feedback from the city.

Technically we have been trialling a number of solutions for transporting the multiplex datastream to Cork.

Satellite distribution, though flawless, is expensive. Data distribution is a core and significant expense in operating a national network and our trials of the reliability of new data compression techniques are critical to the bottom line.

To reduce the data overhead we’re working on a new codec which reduces bandwidth by up to 50%. So far, running on a test circuit this has proved to be quite stable and next year we’ll trial it on a number of fibre and wireless solutions plus one on the public internet.

Over the past three months we’ve also engaged in some extensive research work meeting with key partners in Australia, China and the USA to discover what issues they have encountered with DAB and solutions which worked.

The trend emerging in all countries is that FM has reached capacity and broadband is not enough. While the benefits of digital broadcasting are agreed by all, even the detractors, it is a clear migration plan that is critical for DAB+.

Norway is leading the way in this respect. Their plan is that if DAB coverage matches FM and audience share exceeds 50% by 2017, they will migrate to DAB+ permanently. If it doesn’t they’re migrating anyway in 2019.

This clear migration path has had an amazing effect.  Now that broadcasters, advertisers and listeners know what’s coming, uptake of DAB+ in homes and cars is almost at the level required for 2017 and it’s only 2015! It proves that a government led clear plan works.

Such is the success of this clear migration plan that the same plan is in action in Sweden and Switzerland. The Danes and the UK have similar plans but without the firm deadline. It’s very likely that in ten years many EU countries will have completed, or be in the process of, migrating to DAB+.

Which is why we are laying the groundwork for Ireland today with our trial in Dublin and Cork.

To follow our progress remember you can keep up-to-date automatically by emailRSS or our Twitter feed and, as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated in the comments section below.

Q2 2013 Report

Jul 1, 2013   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  17 Comments

At the end of each quarter you can get an update with the latest developments and achievements of the dB Digital Broadcasting DAB trial. To automatically receive updates by email or RSS feed see our Join In page.

Q2 has been exceptionally busy for our DAB trial.

The pace has really picked up with the trial now carrying twice the services we had at launch. In addition to All 80s, Pure Classic, Raidio Ri-Ra, Sunshine Radio and UCB we have just been joined by UK based Amazing Radio. This is a mile-stone for Irish radio as Amazing is the first UK licenced station to broadcast terrestrially in the Republic of Ireland. Our feeling is they won’t be the last.

One thing we learned while adding new services is that new mux configurations, once again, show up deficiencies with many receivers. Some receivers update and add new services automatically as one would imagine. However not all do. Some require a listener to re-scan their radio. Two receivers in particular needed a full factory re-set. While we work with receiver and chip manufacturers to fix issues such as this it is good to know these limitations. We shall use this knowledge with particular attention to how we reconfigure the mux in addition to adding a “re-scan” message on DLS to alert listeners of changes.

Also during Q2 we carried out extensive audio tests. We operated two DAB+ channels carrying the same audio but with different settings. Listeners were asked to respond on our website with their observations. What surprised us was the amount of listeners who rated both channels as being equal in quality despite a difference of up to 32k. This strengthens observations, made elsewhere in Europe, that once the audio is acceptable quality the majority of listeners are happy.

On conclusion of our audio tests, our feeling is that DAB+ offers excellent quality at half the bit-rate of traditional DAB. This bodes well for the future as it further reduces costs for broadcasters and increases the choice of stations available to listeners.

Finally, we are pleased to say, our trial licence has been renewed by ComReg and firm orders have been placed for transmission and antenna equipment needed for our expansion to Cork. It’s going to be a busy summer!

As always your feedback is greatly appreciated in the comments section below. Remember to keep up-to-date automatically by email, RSS or our Twitter feed.

Minister Launches Trial

Jul 9, 2012   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  2 Comments

Minister of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Mr Pat Rabbitte launched a new DAB+ trial in Dublin this week being operated by dB Digital Broadcasting.

The trial is broadcasting three new radio stations; All 80s, Raidió Rí-Rá and UCB with another three scheduled to come on-air early October. This will bring to over ten the number of commercial and RTÉ stations available exclusively to anyone with a DAB radio.

Speaking at the launch Minister Rabbitte said

“I am very impressed with DAB digital radio and I am very pleased to launch the trial service.”

Most new radios now include a DAB button and the most recent JNLR figures show 283,000 Irish adults own one. Because it is digital, DAB can deliver text, pictures or any other digital data in addition to a radio stations audio.

DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting, is the new radio transmission system being adopted across Europe, Asia andAustralia.Norwayare replacing 1200 FM transmitters with just 700 DAB transmitters which carry ten times as many stations. The cost savings for broadcasters are significant.

Ireland is a perfect market for DAB broadcasting. We have effectively run out of available FM spectrum and listeners are particularly underserved outside ofDublin. By giving station brands an opportunity to expand nationally at reasonable cost DAB will allow growth in the radio market to the benefit of broadcasters and listeners.

All the necessary legislation for a national DAB network is already in place and digital broadcasting is a key element of the BAI work-plan for the next two years.

Managing Director of dB Digital Broadcasting, Mr Dusty Rhodes, said at this weeks launch;

“Everyone is obsessed with getting radio content onto the internet despite the cost and technical difficulties. Our goal is to bring internet type content to your radio, simply and for free.

Our trial has introduced the new world standard DAB+ toDublinfor the first time. Right now this gives listeners text and picture updates of what’s playing plus latest news and weather information. As our trial progresses we shall also be testing Broadcast Web Site and on-demand audio with Filecasting.

Our eventual goal is to bring 30+ new radio stations to every car, home and workplace in the country.”

dB Digital Broadcasting actively inform and encourage people to follow and partake in developments at www.dbdb.ie

Press Cuttings:

Sunday Business Post

Q2 2012 Report

Jul 2, 2012   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  7 Comments

At the end of each quarter you can get an update with the latest developments and achievements of the dB Digital Broadcasting DAB trial. To automatically receive updates by email or RSS feed see our Join In page.

Q2 has been a very intense period of activity as we geared up to putting our trial on-air.

On the technical front we took delivery of all the required transmission equipment and the installation was carried out during June. Our inventory now includes transmitters from Rhode & Swartz and Harris. These are two of the leading manufacturers of DAB transmission equipment and we shall be testing the various transmitters as part of our trial.

We have a special thanks to say to our engineering team who took every problem in their stride, delivered a solution and had on us on-air on-schedule for July 1st.

This has also been a very active quarter working with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland on licencing new services for DAB. The first two of these are All 80s and Raidió Rí-Rá. The latter has been an internet only service up to now and their participation will provide some interesting insight regarding online v’s DAB radio. In the meantime we continue to work with the BAI on three further DAB exclusive services which we hope will be licenced by Q4.

The first three services launched on July 1st were;

Each service broadcasts on traditional DAB and the new world standard DAB+.

Each stations DAB+ service includes Slideshow displaying images as well as the station audio. In particular All 80s are working with All-In-Media’s Rapid software. This delivers rich dynamically updated information from now playing to weather/traffic info plus listener requests all displayed on-screen.

Now the trial is on-air our first task is to slowly bring up the transmitter power and directly compare it with the local RTÉ service. Other tests include variations on actual transmitter, error correction, encoding rates and others.

Each month we intend to post a list of the specific items we are working on and your feedback would be greatly appreciated in the comments section below. Keep up-to-date automatically with these updates by email or RSS feed on our Join In page.


Day One

Jan 18, 2012   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  2 Comments

Here we are. Day One and first blog post of a new adventure in broadcasting.

My name is Dusty and, together with my business partner Joe, we hope to bring more opportunity to Irish radio stations, more choice to listeners and dramatically modernise the whole radio experience for everyone.

I see that opportunity through DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). It delivers more stations at a lower cost and it can broadcast web-like data!

This summer we’re going to launch a new trial DAB service with some new stations, some existing ones and lots of new stuff displaying on the screen of your DAB receiver.

Most exciting is that I’d love you … yes you reading this right now … to be part of the whole trial!


Firstly I’m going to update this blog regularly with a kind of backstage view so you are kept up-to-date with what’s going on and what is coming up. If you add yourself to the email list or subscribe to the RSS feed you’ll get these updates automatically.

Secondly I would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and opinions. Constructive feedback, positive or otherwise, is always welcome. Just add your comments to posts here or email me directly anytime.

So that’s Day One. Day Two, when we officially announce the trial is coming soon, so sign up and get ready for an interesting 2012.