Research and careful examination is the backbone to any decision making process.

Watching JNLR in Ireland, RAJAR in the UK, Neilsen/GfK in Australia and others we see a number of clear trends;

Audience FM shows Irish listenership trending significantly downwards while the UK market holds steady. What is the difference between the two?

DAB Ownership shows a surprisingly high penetration for digital radio receivers in Ireland, yet there is nothing on it. This is opportunity waiting to happen.

Has the simplicity of a physical radio won listener preference for DAB over listening online.  Across many international markets the trends are crystal clear in DAB v Online and Radio v Apps.

Looking at DAB growth abroad and applying it to JNLR data will not only show you the potential for digital radio but it may even shock you. See Audience DAB+ for how many ears there are to win.

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