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Q4 2012 Report

Jan 4, 2013   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  2 Comments

At the end of each quarter you can get an update with the latest developments and achievements of the dB Digital Broadcasting DAB trial. To automatically receive updates by email or RSS feed see our Join In page.

During this quarter we continued our transmission power tests by going the opposite direction to Q3 tests and turning the transmission power down to just 50w. Again the results were surprising with such low power offering reasonable coverage of Dublin city and its main suburbs. As expected, building penetration in the city centre was greatly affected but as Ireland is generally not a high-density country this bodes well for the roll out of digital radio nationally.

A lot of our time in Q4 was spent in meeting rooms rather than transmission rooms.

Firstly we were laying the foundations for expanding into Cork & Limerick where upgrade works are required at each site to facilitate the trials. We are happy that the works are now agreed and hopefully will take place during Q1 2013.

Secondly we have received tremendous support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland in relation to the licencing of new content services. As a direct result of this we are able to trial a number of new radio formats across 2013. The first of these new services, Love Radio, has just gone on-air bringing the number of DAB exclusive stations on the trial to four. Our feeling is, now that the trial is establishing itself, the number of services will continue to grow.

Thirdly, and very excitingly, we are exploring the possibility of a cross-industry digital radio group. As we have learned from Australia, Germany and other countries where public/commercial broadcasters, regulators and mux operators work together amazing things can happen.

We look ahead to 2013 with a very positive outlook.

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  • You do not make clear which format is currently on trial,DAB DAB+ or DAB++.
    Or all concurrently?

    And what about us citizens of the North and northwest?
    Yes we still have the pigeon post and Morse code with candles.
    But we deserve better. Maybe even DRM.

    ádh mór san athbhliain!!

    d msh

    • Currently each of the four services on-air are broadcast as DAB and concurrently as DAB+. We’ve no plans to test DRM at all.

      Though we’d love to broadcast to the North/NorthWest, the trial nature of our project limits us the main cities … … for now!


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