Ireland’s first commercial DAB+ multiplex will broadcast ten new radio stations to Ireland’s main cities; Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. The initial service area covers 1.8m people, expanding quickly to each cities commuter belt adding a further 1.2m, then rolling out nationally.

The vision is that each station will offer something new from online sub-brands not yet broadcasting to FM stations expanding beyond their existing boundaries.

For brands expanding from a single city operation, the multi-city facet increases your value with advertisers and status with listeners. For radio stations operating online, the ability to say you ‘broadcast’ instantly elevates the brand value and credibility.

With the staged expansion of DAB+ you enjoy a two-fold advantage;

  1. The initial multi-city service area is low cost with high audience potential.
  2. The ten station limit means you can lock out competitors to enjoy maximum first-mover advantage.

The new DAB+ network will be backed by a marketing campaign to drive awareness of the extra choice available to listeners. The key message to ‘press the DAB button on your radio for 10+ brand new Irish stations’ will be carried year-round on-air, online and in-store. This is in addition to seasonal print campaigns.