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Minister Launches Trial

Jul 9, 2012   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  2 Comments

Minister of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Mr Pat Rabbitte launched a new DAB+ trial in Dublin this week being operated by dB Digital Broadcasting.

The trial is broadcasting three new radio stations; All 80s, Raidió Rí-Rá and UCB with another three scheduled to come on-air early October. This will bring to over ten the number of commercial and RTÉ stations available exclusively to anyone with a DAB radio.

Speaking at the launch Minister Rabbitte said

“I am very impressed with DAB digital radio and I am very pleased to launch the trial service.”

Most new radios now include a DAB button and the most recent JNLR figures show 283,000 Irish adults own one. Because it is digital, DAB can deliver text, pictures or any other digital data in addition to a radio stations audio.

DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting, is the new radio transmission system being adopted across Europe, Asia andAustralia.Norwayare replacing 1200 FM transmitters with just 700 DAB transmitters which carry ten times as many stations. The cost savings for broadcasters are significant.

Ireland is a perfect market for DAB broadcasting. We have effectively run out of available FM spectrum and listeners are particularly underserved outside ofDublin. By giving station brands an opportunity to expand nationally at reasonable cost DAB will allow growth in the radio market to the benefit of broadcasters and listeners.

All the necessary legislation for a national DAB network is already in place and digital broadcasting is a key element of the BAI work-plan for the next two years.

Managing Director of dB Digital Broadcasting, Mr Dusty Rhodes, said at this weeks launch;

“Everyone is obsessed with getting radio content onto the internet despite the cost and technical difficulties. Our goal is to bring internet type content to your radio, simply and for free.

Our trial has introduced the new world standard DAB+ toDublinfor the first time. Right now this gives listeners text and picture updates of what’s playing plus latest news and weather information. As our trial progresses we shall also be testing Broadcast Web Site and on-demand audio with Filecasting.

Our eventual goal is to bring 30+ new radio stations to every car, home and workplace in the country.”

dB Digital Broadcasting actively inform and encourage people to follow and partake in developments at www.dbdb.ie

Press Cuttings:

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  • Just been fiddling around with the settings on my DAB radio and found the 80’s station. We are delighted especially, as it is loud and clear here in Cavan. Thanks! from two very happy listeners.

  • Can receive 4 Irish DAB stations in Cavan as well as 26 DAB stations from brougher mountain
    Can’t wait for more stations although the signal is only good on high ground as Cavan has very bad reception

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