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Invitations Sent But Who’s Invited?

Jan 28, 2012   //   by dusty   //   DB Blog  //  6 Comments

This week we’ve sent out letters inviting radio stations and content providers to partake in our DAB/DAB+ trial.

What is interesting is who we wrote to.

We have not sent a blanket letter to every radio station in Ireland and the UK. We’re looking for someone special. We’re specifically looking for stations/content providers who can add something new to digital. Stations that are forward thinking and can see the benefits like broadcasting to new markets or being able to put on a sub-brand service or who want to play with new content to display on the screen of every DAB radio.

A tall order you might think?

Well we’ve come up with forty who we believe fit the bill. Unfortunately there are only ten spaces on the mux.

Interesting days ahead!


  • I have loved radio all my life,short-wave down to internet.
    Any chance of an all-classical music format on the mux? NOT “Lyric FM”!!
    I have formed also a scheme to serve the deaf community
    with a dedicated text/news/discussion format.
    Such a service is technically possible in the DAB+ world.
    Have you considered the prospect of using OAM (orbital angular momentum)?
    It is the coming thing!
    ádh mór Damhlaic magShamhráin

  • I consider RI-RA and UCB rather unfortunate choices.
    I think a new classical station would be a good idea , also why not hourly news?

  • You picked UCB over BBC World Service – who’s running the show?

  • Why will R T E not cover all of the country ?

    • You would have to ask RTE that!

  • I’m listening on DAB in Southsea, Hampshire. I’d like to see a What’s Playing Now’ on my radio’s diaplsy panel. Other than that, loving every minute that I hear and I listen through the day, every day. Thank you.

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