DAB+ is extremely cost effective.

A presentation by Arqiva to the IBC conference in September 2019 shows that between DAB, FM & online streaming, DAB is the most cost effective.

What makes this report impressive, is that it is based on UK costs, a country known for very high transmission costs. Arqiva quote up to €15k per month for coverage of a single UK local area.

In Ireland we are learning from the mistakes of others to deliver DAB+ for a fraction of the cost of UK DAB or Irish FM broadcasting rates. By using the latest multiplex technologies, in tandem with more effective and power-efficient transmitters, we are driving down carriage costs saving approximately 80% on equitable FM costs.

Base rate for broadcasting on the dBdB MUX is just €600 per month.

DAB+ enables station owners to cover a large area at low cost making expansion, sub-brands or niche stations not only possible but profitable.