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Broadcaster Benefits

There are three great reasons to get on DAB; lower transmission cost, brand expansion and new revenue.

Lower Transmission Cost

Because many stations share the same multiplex and transmission network it naturally brings down the cost for everybody. What kind of savings can you expect? 50% or more.

Expand Your Brand

If you are a city based station you can expand regionally or even nationally. This is especially true if your station is a niche format where your programming is based more on music style, age profile or language rather than geographical location.

For local stations you can easily operate more simultaneous services. For example on sport heavy weekends you can run different match commentaries on two stations at the same time. These opt-out services could be permanent or “pop-up” services which broadcast only when necessary. You have the studios and staff so the only limit is your imagination.

New Revenue

All DAB radio receivers come with a screen on which you can display all kinds of information. For advertising this is a revolution.

Imagine how happy one of your advertisers would be if they had the first spot in the ad break and when if was over their phone number was displayed on radios for the remainder of the entire break? How happy would they be if the listener pressed a button on their radio to save that number? How much happier would they be if the listener clicked their screen to get more information on that advertiser or even go direct to their website?

This is just the start of how DAB radio can generate brand new revenue for your station.

Even better, many of the tools you need, you already have! Find out more about how DAB works.