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About Us

DB Digital Broadcasting is Ireland’s national independent multiplex and network transmission provider.

The company was founded by Joseph King and Dusty Rhodes.

Joseph has been working professionally in the radio technical field for over 30 years. His company BTS is regarded as the best radio engineering firm in the country. They have established and maintain studio and transmission facilities for many of the nations leading local, regional and national broadcasters. You can contact Joe by emailing joe@dbdb.ie

Dusty is also a long time radio professional working as a presenter with Atlantic 252 and RTÉ 2FM. He has always “sidelined” in the technical side introducing hard-disk playout systems, internet and text messaging to stations when they were considered breaking technology. In 2006 Dusty formed Digital Radio Ltd to operate a number of new radio services on digital platforms. You can contact Dusty by emailing dusty@dbdb.ie