A Proven Platform

DAB is a robust and proven technology fully backed by the European Broadcasting Union. It is by far the most widespread digital radio standard in Europe, Asia and Australia. 

In December 2018 the EU mandated that by December 2020 all new cars sold within the bloc will be required to have a digital radio. The directive also ‘recommends’ digital radio is a requirement on all new radios sold.  France and Italy are making this directive mandatory.

In the UK, digital radio is the most used platform for radio with a 56% share of listening versus 44% for AM/FM. It is expected the UK, Switzerland and Denmark will follow Norway with a switch to DAB as their main radio broadcast platform within the next five years. DAB is growing significantly in Europe’s largest and most central market, Germany.

In Ireland, our proximity to the UK market means 20% of Irish households already own a DAB radio. It has also captured the attention and imagination of ‘pirate’ broadcasters now broadcasting illegally on DAB to Cork and Dublin.

The market for DAB is growing strongly across Europe and it is coming to Ireland.

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