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DAB Trial Results


Since 2012, dB Digital Broadcasting have been testing DAB/DAB+ across several Irish cities.

The results exceeded all expectations and the digital broadcast system has proven far more robust and economical than FM.

A single DAB transmitter, delivers many stations simultaneously, with audio and visual data to the radio receiver, and in weak reception areas, perfect audio quality. Because many stations share the cost of one transmitter, this drives down the cost of broadcasting.

With support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, our trial broadcast a number of stations new to the market; Raidio Ri-Ra, UCB, Amazing Radio (UK), Sunshine Radio, All 80s, All90s, Zenith, Pure Classic and Love Radio.

DAB has become the world’s leading digital radio platform. It has grown overall radio audience in the United Kingdom, Norway, Australia and others. In each of those markets, DAB is outgrowing internet radio listening by a factor of four-to-one. Most EU countries now have DAB on-air and it is the platform of choice for the EBU.

DAB is most successful when public and commercial broadcasters, combined with the broadcast regulator, join together to offer a more diverse range of radio. In each market this has happened, the public have loved the increased choice, with increased radio ratings in all DAB markets.

In Ireland, the public broadcaster operates DAB and the regulator in keen for new services to come on air. We are saddened that the third key player, commercial radio, has opted to ignore DAB. Unlike growing markets with digital radio, Irish radio listening continues to trend downwards, going from 89% ten years ago, to 82% today.

Now we have had practical experience with DAB, we believe more than ever, it is a viable broadcasting medium. It opens the radio market to new stations and increases choice and diversity for listeners.

From June 30th, our trial will conclude when our ComReg trial licence expires, but we shall wait patiently for others to catch up with our vision of a bigger future for radio in Ireland.

In the meantime we thank all who have supported our project, from regulators and suppliers, to new broadcasters and listeners.